About us

The Sport Community helps businesses get the most out of amateur sport. We channel their charitable donations into the sports clubs, projects and causes that fit their company profile.

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of increasing importance, our work helps to ensure that businesses can achieve their CSR goals through sport.  We ensure the investments bring about real positive change through sport and help firms connect with sports personalities, sports clubs, national governing bodies, local authorities and other charities and foundations. We ensure they gain positive press and publicity as a result of their desire to put something back into their communities.

The Sport Community was established by Paul Smith and Dominic McGuinness.

Paul has 15 years of experience working on business support programmes both in the UK and overseas.   More recently, Paul  has been working with national and local partners in the sports sector to transfer these business skills to sports and leisure clubs.

Dom is a sports broadcaster and author who has worked in his field for more than two decades.  He combines his journalism commitments with sports education and community work.